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"Passionate Patriotism is in the Air at the 27th Congressional District of California, USA"


For Immediate Release: November, 2019

Los Angeles, CA – Entrepreneur and long-time small business professional Johnny J. Nalbandian is running for the 27th Congressional District of California, USA as a Constitutional Conservative.

Nalbandian, a very patriotic American of Armenian descent, was born in New Jersey, USA-one of the original 13 Colonies-and grew up in Southern California. Johnny fell in love with American politics at the age of five when he watched the Kennedy-Nixon debates on live black & white television. He looked up to both candidates with great enthusiasm.

Known as “Johnny” to his colleagues, Nalbandian founded a successful California-based seafood distribution and processing company at the age of 19. His company soon became a leader in the seafood industry not only by instrumentally moving premium seafood into supermarkets but also running pilot programs for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) HACCP program. At its peak, the company had $60 million in sales and was known as “The Tiffany’s of the Seafood Industry”.

Nalbandian, labeled as the “Seafood Marketing Genius” by Sandy Gooch, pioneer of the Natural Food Movement and mentor to the Whole Foods Family, has become a successful and highly demanded food industry professional. He was offered the position of Fish & Game Commissioner by California 1982 Governor-Elect George Deukmejian’s office. For the past two decades, Johnny has advised businesses of all industries and sizes regarding expansion, trade, and investment opportunities.

Johnny, also known as Mr. Seafood, has had guest appearances, speaking engagements and seminars where he appeared as industry spokesman on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX TV News and KFI radio. Also, for over four years he appeared on the Jackie Olden Radio Talk Show and The Larry Lipson Restaurant Show on KGIL. Additionally, as a well-known authority and national representative of the Seafood Industry, Johnny helped raise thousands for other charity functions such as hosting benefits for Jerry’s Kids, Autism International Foundation, LA Dodger’s – Think Cure Cancer Foundation, Las Vegas Chef’s Project Chef and Kids and Children’s Nature Institute just to name a few.

Johnny missed the California he grew up in, especially after he watched the Democratic Party destroy this once-Golden State, essentially turning it into a one-party system. His goal is to bring back real conservatism to LA County. He strongly believes that by taking back the 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th congressional districts, business growth and prosperity will enrich our community and families. This is vital to prevent further deterioration which has plagued many democrat-run cities nationwide. Johnny and his staff have created the “Contract with our Community” which lists thirteen key areas where change must be made.

The current state of LA County is not sustainable nor acceptable for our future generations.


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