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Johnny was born in New Jersey, USA and grew up in California. His parents ran away from the oppressive Soviet Stalinist government in the mid 1930’s-traversing through two countries before settling in one of the original Thirteen Colonies, New Jersey, during WWII. They left tyranny with liberty in mind to live the American Dream. In the early 60’s, they moved from the East Coast to California and lived in Los Angeles, which at the time was paradise. Throughout the years, Johnny was no stranger to hard work. He started working at the age of eleven and, over the years, fell in love with politics. Johnny believed that through hard work and honest work ethics he could achieve the American Dream, which is what his parents taught him. Keeping these values close at heart, he founded a successful California-based seafood distribution and processing company at the age of 19. His company soon became a leader in the seafood industry not only by instrumentally moving quality seafood into supermarkets but also running pilot programs for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) HACCP program. At its peak, the company had $60 million in sales and was known as “The Tiffany’s of the Seafood Industry.” Nalbandian has become a successful and highly demanded business consultant and marketer. For the past 15 years, Johnny has advised businesses of all industries and sizes regarding expansion, trade, and investment opportunities.











Johnny campaigned representing the Seafood Industry and the American – Armenian Community for the Great President Ronald Reagan. He also campaigned with great pride for the late Governor George Deukmejian. Inspired by the energy of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, Johnny returned to politics in 2016. He correctly sensed a Reagan-style victory. Johnny missed the America and California that he grew up in, especially after he watched the Democratic Party destroy this once Golden State as they have done to other blue state cities nationwide. He decided it was time to move out all the career politicians who have shown a total lack of results. Being a man of action, Johnny is prepared to become the "community MVP" by truly tackling the many crises that impact his community on a daily basis.

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